Oh Caption, My Caption

Crowd-sourced image descriptions: Sighted people helping visually-impaired people get the most from social media.


For thousands of visually-impaired people, social media is littered with pictures that are effectively this:

Image contains text

With the Oh Caption browser extension, sighted people can add captions and descriptions that will allow screen-reading software to give more complete descriptions of images.

With the browser extension, the above picture could look like this to the visually impaired user:

Business cat meme

Or, even better, like this (if you aren't using a screen-reader, click on the small icon in the lower left corner of the image):

Business cat meme
Business cat is a black cat with yellow eyes wearing a yellow tie and sitting in front of a multi-colored backdrop. The text at the top of the image says: "CANCEL MY 3 O'CLOCK" The text at the bottom of the image says: "I NEED TO WATCH THIS BIRD"

The Oh Caption browser-plugin allows sighted users to add captions and long descriptions to photos on social media in such a way that the those captions will be readable by screen-readers even if the images are shared across accounts.

Here is a video demonstration of the Oh Caption, My Caption browser plugin in action.


Not Yet. The Oh Caption plugin is still in development.

2016-09-15: The first cut of the server side is now complete. The work on the browser side is just beginning.

2017-02-22: The first cut of the plugin is just about complete. I expect to have it out to beta-testers within a month.

2017-02-23: I completed the first pass at the Reader documentation today.

2017-02-28: I am going to announce this plugin for beta testing tomorrow. I now have a Firefox and Chrome version of the plugin. Hopefully, I will have an official, public release by the end of March.

2017-03-01: It turns out there is an accessibility bug in Chrome which prevents screen readers from being able to see any plugin extension preferences.

2017-07-20: My patch for the above Chrome bug has now made it into the stable release of Chrome. I have put out a call for testers on a message board for assistive technologies and am currently waiting to be approved to join a Facebook group where I will post the same announcement.


If you find bugs, please report them using the nklein bug database or email them to bugs@ohcaption.com. When submitting a bug, please include details about what Web Browser, Operating System, Screen Reader, and Website you are using.

If you are a visually-impaired user and need help, please email reader-support@ohcaption.com

There is comprehensive documentation for Oh Caption readers.

If you are a sighted user and need help, please email writer-support@ohcaption.com

There is comprehensive documentation for Oh Caption writers in progress.

And, if you would like to support Oh Caption development and services, please see the Help Us.